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Continued from page 3                                    appliances to outdoor power equipment, you can discover a
                                                           breadth of items often in like-new condition.

   Make smart additions. Once you’ve cleared your
   space, and sold things you no longer need, you can      Shop for Multi-Purpose Items: When upgrading your
   convert that extra cash into reliable home applianc-    arsenal of gadgets, tools and small appliances, look for
   es and tech. For example, purchase or upgrade items     items that can serve multiple purposes. For example, many
   like vacuums, lawn mowers, power washers, drills        vacuums can transform into steamers or include mop
   and more to help take your spring cleaning to the       attachments and some pressure cookers can also be used as
   next level. You can make your money go further by       air fryers.
   choosing certified refurbished products; some mar-
   ketplaces like eBay offer inventory that has been pro-  Feel Confident in Your Purchase: Sometimes upgrading
   fessionally inspected by the manufacturer, or a manu-   means investing in a premium product you can count on to
   facturer-approved vendor, to look, feel and work like   last longer than entry-level models. With eBay’s Certified
   new.                                                    Refurbished program, you can find popular, professionally
                                                           inspected name brands at up to 50% off, all of which are
                                                           backed by industry-leading two-year warranties for peace
   Commit to revisiting regularly. It’s easy to let clut-
   ter and disorganization slide when you get busy with    of mind.
   life’s demands.  Once  your  spring  cleaning  and  re-
   organizing is complete, commit to reassessing your      Keep Sustainability in Mind: Keeping functionality in
   home  on a monthly  or quarterly  basis so you can      mind and buying like-new items not only saves you money
   make small adjustments along the way, rather than       now and in the future but can also help protect the planet
   face a major project every year.                        by extending the life of products and reducing unnecessary
   Shop Smarter. Considering refurbished products for
   your shopping list can expand your options and make     Learn more about buying refurbished at
   it easier to purchase top-of-the-line brands without    tifiedRefurbishedHub.                                                       April 2021                       • 239-994-1984
   going over budget. From tech and small kitchen                                                                       Home Furnishing - Healthcare - Arts & Crafts - Auto Repair and More
    Gun Store & Indoor Range

            FREEREE                                                                TUES/THURS 2-FERS
                                                                                        OPEN RANGE TIME
                                                                                       $20 FOR 2 After 4pm

         1 H                                                                       Every Tuesday & Thursday
         1 Hour Range Time our Range Time
                                                                                            6 pm - 8 pm
         o                                                                             * with Ammo purchase   or
         on Saturdays Only!n Saturdays Only!
                                                                                    $20 per Lane for 1 Hour DAILY
              With a Purchaseith a Purchase                                             Reserve Your Spot Today!
                                                   Open 7 Days a Week 11-6
   of 100 Rounds or More of Ammof 100 Rounds or More of Ammo  Open 7 Days a Week 11-6  Saturday OPEN ALL DAY
                                                            Come Check Us Out!

                                                                                                                               Use our Advertisers!
                                                                   918 SE 14th Avenue

                                                                  Cape Coral, FL 33990                                                5

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