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Golf Tips                                                 by Edmund baEr

                                                                                              Golf Professional

                    PROPER ALIGNMENT                            right of the target (right hand golfer).The student
                                                                needs to take the time to align their shoulder
          One of the easiest most common mistakes               slightly left of the target (right hand golfer).
    most  golfers  make  is  how  to  properly  align  our
    body to the target. When we are setting up the                 Some of the remedies of this problem are align-
    proper alignment will make the swing more fluid             ment sticks, or you can even place your clubs
     and give the golfer the best chance for success.           down on the ground to help train your eyes. One
                                                                of the other solutions is to stand behind your
        To begin think of parallel lines or railroad tracks.    ball  and  pick  out  an  object  in  your  direct  line
     The ball will be placed on one side of the railroad        of sight to your target and align your body with
     tracks and the golfer will be on the other side of         that object.  This will help you train your eyes.
     the railroad tracks. This would indicate that the
     ball will be pointed to the flagstick and the golfer
     would be pointed slightly to the left of the target            If you have any questions about this or
     (right-handed golfer).                                     other aspects of your game, please contact                    Find A place T
                                                                GolfWorld at 239-731-0130 and ask for a
        One of the problems that I encounter as an              lesson with Edmund Baer
     instructor is when the student aligns their body to
     the target which moves their alignment to the                                                                      Read Our Dining Pages!  April  2021                        • 239-994-1984

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