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   Little Shop of Horrors Comes to the Cultural Park Theater

           If last year taught us anything, it taught us      Erin Webb has always been interested in singing. She
   how NOT to have fun! As serious as this Pandemic           has sung in Church since she was a little girl.
   is some of us forgot what it was like to have a few               Erin also has the gift of acting. She volunteers
   laughs and forget about the problems. Cultural Park       her time portraying other characters in the Horror
   Theater in Cape Coral is changing that. They are          Realm on Halloween for the Terror on the 20th Annual
   kicking off the New Year with an All Time Favorite        Haunted House, also located in Cape Coral. She not
   Classic Comedy Musical.....”The Little Shop of            only helps scare the flocks of innocent bystanders, but
                                                             she also helps with the setup of the event as well.

   I got to speak with Erin                                                          Continued on Page 5
   Webb, from Cultural Park
   Theater. She has one of                                      -Vape Supplies                    -Glass & Pipes
   the Lead Roles, playing
   Audrey, the Muse that                                        60 ML
   inspired the name for                                        HOUSE
   Seymour Krelborns new                                        BRAND
   found exotic plant.  This                                              Best Selection & Customer Service
   was the plant that he                                        $10              in Southwest Florida
   purchased from a Chinese                                   311 Del Prado Blvd S. Cape Coral, FL 33990
   flower shop during a Solar                                                  (239) 673-6576
   Eclipse. (This makes for                                          OPEN 7 DAYS: Mon - Sat 10-7 • Sun 12-5                       HAPPY NEW YEAR!
   an interesting story doesn’t   Erin Webb doing what         PUFF-BAR • STIG • OPMS Kratom
   it?)                                 she Loves                                                                          FROM ALL OF US AT TAKE ONE BUYER’S GUIDE  HONOR THOSE WHO SERVED, THIS VETERANS DAY  January 2021                        • 239-994-1984

                                               Renovation and New ConstructionRenovation and New Construction

                           Cabinets 1/2” or 3/4” plywood, solid doors
                         Bathrooms - We can create your Own design
              Tile - good material, excellent installation, and much more!
                 Paint, crown molding, additions, wood fl oors, closets,
                                     custom furniture, kitchens....
                ”All Your Dreams Can Be Real!”

                                                                                                                              Wednesday, November 11, 2020
                                                                                                                                  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                                                                                                                           FROM ALL OF US AT TAKE ONE BUYER’S GUIDE
                  Call FL Rebath (239) 333-6558 MaryLou

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