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Golf Tips                                                 by Edmund baEr

                                                                                              Golf Professional

     With the holidays over, the start of a New Year, and          We do these individually or in a series of 5 les-
  the weather cooling off, more people will be coming         sons.  We offer a break in the price for series les-
  down to play golf in the sunshine state.  One of the        sons of $25.  We can also do couples lessons for
  first things people will try and do is take a lesson.       husband/wife or 2 people who want to learn to-
  The main reasons to take a lesson is that you want to       gether.  On Monday night at 6:00pm and Saturday
  go over some things that you might have trouble with        morning at 9:30am, we conduct a clinic where I go
  or want a refresher before hitting the links.               over a topic, demonstrate what I will be looking for,
                                                              and then each student gets a large bucket of balls
     When you go to schedule a lesson with your golf          to hit I will go to each person individually and give
  professional, remember that he or she really wants to       pointers.  We try to limit the clinic to 15 people so
  help you get better, that they have seen most of this       everyone will get sufficient time with the instructor.
  before, they are not trying to embarrass or humiliate
  you, and most of all they want you to practice.             If you have any questions, stop by Golf World or
                                                              Call Golf World @239-731-0130 to schedule a
     Let’s start with setting up an appointment.  Since       private lesson.                                                    Find A place T
  I work at Golf World, I will discuss our policy.  We
  schedule a 45 private minute lesson Tuesday through
  Friday in the morning between 9 am to 1 pm, every
  hour on the hour.                                                                                                        Read Our Dining Pages!  January  2021                        • 239-994-1984

       ReGrip Special                                          FREE
                                                                                        MEDIUM BUCKET
                                                                                       WITH PURCHASE OF
    $3.99 EA. INSTALLED                                                                 A LARGE BUCKET
                  OR                      (On US 41 - 2 miles N. Of Shell Factory)          ($5 VALUE)         W/Ad

            $5.99 EA.                                                                           00
                  FOR                                                                $20    OFF

              MIDSIZE                                                                       ANY SHOP
                                                                                    PURCHASE OVER $70
             OR JUMBO                                                               (No Sale Items)                                     W/Ad
                                                                                                                                 Find A place T
    (239) 731-0130                     Golf Clinics: MON. 6PM • SAT. 9:30AM ONLY $15

                                     $10                                                                                         o Eat



                                                                                                   2014 EZ-GO
                                                                                2010 RXV
   From mild to wild, let us        Accessories         1992 CLUB CAR           EASY-GO           POW THEME
   From mild to wild, let us
                                                                                                   Golf Cart Fully
                                                          Full Service,
   customize a car                                       New Batteries.       Refurbished with    loaded, Brand new
   customize a cart for yout for you
                                                                                                                                 o Eat
                                                                               Speed Program
   (239) 543-2800                   before purchase of service.                                     custom paint.                        7
                                      Must present coupon
     18251 N. Tamiami Trail         Not valid with other offers.   ONLY $1,800  ONLY $6,200        ONLY $6,800
     N. Ft. Myers, Fl 33903           Offer expires 2/1/21
                                                                                                                           Read Our Dining Pages!
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