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          Launch Your Boat into a New Season

      Whether you’re racing against the waves or          fish finders when your engine isn’t running. You’ll
  quietly floating with a pole in hand, a day on the     need to test your battery before heading out on the
  water is hard to beat. However, before you can         water. If it’s time for a replacement, look for a power-
  enjoy the excitement of a new season, there are        ful and cost-efficient option like Interstate Batteries’                      June 2021
  several steps you need to take to make sure your       Enhanced Flooded Deep-Cycle Marine Battery. The
  boat is ready for the ride.                            battery features a durable design with extended battery
                                                         life and includes a two-year, free replacement warranty.
  System Check
  Your boat’s fuel and electric systems need an
  experienced eye to determine potential problems.                                Continued on Page 5
  Cracked or damaged hoses and connections need
  to be replaced, and all fittings and clamps should
  be checked to ensure they’re tight and secure. Test        -Vape Supplies                    -Glass & Pipes
  exhaust and ventilation systems, and replace worn
  or lose belts and cables, giving special attention
  to the steering and throttle cables. If you didn’t        DELTA 8
  change the oil and filter before putting your boat        CARTS
  in storage, do so before the season begins. Also be
  sure to check oil, power steering fluid and coolant        $20      Best Selection & Customer Service
  levels as well as running lights and emergency                              in Southwest Florida
  features such as horns.                                  311 Del Prado Blvd S. Cape Coral, FL 33990
                                                                            (239) 673-6576
  Battery Function                                                OPEN 7 DAYS: Mon - Sat 10-7 • Sun 12-5
  A reliable power source is essential for powering         PUFF-BAR • HYDE • OPMS Kratom
  your trolling motor and operating accessories like                                                                       June14, 2021  HONORING FLAG DAY • 239-994-1984

                                                                          $200 OFF



        Serving SW Florida for over 30 years                                        WITH AD

      • Shingle • Tile • Metal • Flats                                            COUPON
              • All Types of Repairs                                         $75 OFF

               Residential & Commercial
                                                                            ANY ROOF
        239-384-4614                                                             REPAIR

           2327 Hancock Bridge Pkwy, Unit #2                                        WITH AD

                      Cape Coral, Fl 33990
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