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                                                          (or add one if there’s not already a detector installed). Also
  Visual Inspection                                       scan your safety kit; update any expired items and replenish
  After several months in storage, it’s a good idea to give  your supply of bandages or other items that may be running
  your boat a thorough inspection so you can identify any  low
  holes, cracks or dings that may impact its performance or                                                                            June 2021
  safety. Scan the hull closely to for any abnormalities and  Finding the Best Battery for Your Boat
  check the propeller, as even minor dings and scratches   No matter how you spend your time on the water, a durable
  can affect its operation.                               and reliable battery is a must. Learn what kind of battery is
                                                          best for your boating needs from the experts at Interstate Bat-
  Careful Cleaning                                        teries:
  Depending on the security of your storage space and how
  you covered your boat, you may not have much heavy      Starting: Whether you’re sailing the ocean or ripping it up
  cleaning to do. However, it’s a good idea to start the   in a motorboat, starting batteries are built to withstand most
  season fresh by giving everything a thorough wipe down. marine conditions.
  This can help illuminate any problems you may have
  overlooked during your visual inspection. In            Deep-Cycle: These batteries are the most popular line of
  addition, using UV protectant on exposed surfaces can   marine batteries and offer strong, reliable power. This type
  help prevent damage such as cracks and fading caused    of battery is used to start your trolling motor and power other
  by harsh sunlight.                                      accessories like fish finders whether your engine is running or
  Safety Supplies
  Before you hitch the trailer, take inventory of your on-  Dual-Purpose: Originally developed for military tanks and
  board safety supplies. Be sure your life jackets are in   submarines, this type of battery has the staying power of a
  good condition and that you have options to a           deep-cycle battery coupled with high-cranking performance.
  ppropriately fit all passengers. Check fire extinguishers
  to ensure they’re in good working order and test the    Powersport: When you’re trying to catch every wave, the last
  carbon monoxide detector                                thing you want is a weak battery. These top-quality batteries
                                                          are built to withstand the most rugged conditions on the water.  Home Furnishing - Healthcare - Arts & Crafts - Auto Repair and More • 239-994-1984
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