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Golf Tips                                                 by Edmund baEr

                                                                                              Golf Professional

           GRAPHITE SHAFTS VS STEEL SHAFTS                      Well, one of the people on the PGA tour who likes
                                                                graphite in their irons is Bryson DeChambeau.  He
                                                                is not what most consider a short hitter or someone
          Today, one of the main questions when deciding
    on the best clubs for your game is graphite or steel.       who swings slow, as he is the longest hitter on the
    Back in the 20th century, graphite shafts were just
    getting started in golf.  You might find one occasion-           The breakdown for shafts should be as fol-
    ally in the driver but rarely in the rest of your set.  Now   lows: players swinging over 95 miles per hour with
     that answer is reversed.  All driver shafts are graphite   a driver should hit steel in their irons. Players swing-
     and now all fairway woods and most of the hybrids,         ing between 80-90 miles per hour (majority of golf-
     and many iron sets are also graphite.
                                                                ers) should hit regular flex in either graphite or steel.
                                                                Players swinging between 70-80 miles per hour (se-
        One of the main reasons for graphite shafts is the      nior flex) should be hitting graphite. Players swing-
     lighter weight. Most steel shafts weigh between 100-       ing below 70 miles per hour (Ladies) should only hit
     130 grams per club. Graphite shafts weigh between          graphite shafts.
     60-70 grams per club which is of course half the
     weight meaning the golfer can swing faster without              If you have any further questions you can
     swinging harder. The club manufactures also weight         contact GolfWorld at (239) 731-0130 and speak                 Find A place T
     the club heads heavier when using graphite shafts          to one of our professionals who will answer your
     which translates to more distance.
                                                                questions. If you would like to book a lesson with
                                                                Edmund Baer call the same number to book an
        Sometimes, customers come in and say that they          appointment.
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