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Continued from page 3                                 Build your own obstacle course. Set out hoops, pillows, rope,
                                                         ladders, cardboard boxes and other items you find around the
                                                         house to create a fun and challenging obstacle course either
   While your annual family vacation might’ve been       indoors or out. This can be easily adapted to varying levels of
   canceled, there are likely hidden trails within a short
                                                         difficulty to meet each family member’s level. Don’t forget a
   drive from home.
                                                         stopwatch to see who can complete the course the quickest.
   Take a virtual class. Many fitness instructors and gyms
   are sharing free classes online designed for the whole
   family. Simply connect a streaming device to your     Get your family moving and find more hydration tips
   television and search for virtual classes that are geared  at
   toward getting families moving, regardless of fitness
   level. Fitness instructors and studios are also sharing
   a variety of workouts - from family yoga to dance                    Dan Maglott’s                     Cars as
   cardio in various time increments - on social media             In                                     Low as
   that you can find by searching various fitness-related     Financing    AUTO BARN III                 Only $99
   hashtags.                                                                   “Good Deals                 Down
                                                                       on Affordable Wheels”               + T&T
   Play a family game. Playing games together is an                                             24’ x 8 1/2 ‘
   old-fashioned way to get the whole family moving                                          Air Conditioned
   and having fun. An activity as simple as tag or racing                                    Race Car Trailer
   around the house, or even a game that requires some                                        with cabinets
   equipment such as soccer or basketball, can get every-                                     and tire racks
   one’s heart rate up. You can even create a fitness deck
   or activity dice to turn working out into a fun game.      2309 Hancock Bridge Parkway 239-275-5959                   Home Furnishing - Healthcare - Arts & Crafts - Auto Repair and More  October 2020                        • 239-994-1984
     Gun Store & Indoor Range

                                                                                 TUES/THURS 2-FERS
        CONCEAL CARRY                                                                  OPEN RANGE TIME

                CLASS                                                                       $20 FOR 2

           $40 Special                                                           Every Tuesday & Thursday
                                                                                          6 pm - 8 pm
                                                                                      * with Ammo purchase   or
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 • CARPET   18251 N. Tamiami Trail, N. Ft. Myers, FL 33903
 • TILE  (Rte 41 just North of Del Prado)                           918 SE 14th Avenue
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