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Golf Tips                                                 by Edmund baEr

                                                                                              Golf Professional

                                                            When the ball comes to rest in the sand, many peo-
  One of the hardest shots to explain to individuals is     ple try to help the ball by lifting the club up as they
  the Greenside Bunker Shot.  The way this shot was         attempt this shot.  What generally happens is that
  explained to me was that this is the easiest shot in      they get the club under the sand and the player fails
  golf, because this is the only shot in golf where the     to finish the swing and get the ball out of the sand.
  individual is actually trying to MISS the ball.
                                                            You have to attack and swing through the ball to
                                                            splash the sand out of the bunker because the sand
  When the player is faced with the greenside shot,         is what carries the ball out and not the club.  You
  this is a very aggressive type of swing.
                                                            want to splash or “explode” the ball out of the sand
          1st. Give yourself a wide stance so you
          can dig in the sand.                              One of the ways to explain getting out of the sand is
                                                            to draw a box or a circle around the ball and make
          2nd. Align yourself left of the target.           the box or circle disappear.  Remember, you can
          (Right-handed player), open the clubface          only do this in practice not on the course itself.  Try
          3rd.  Aim for a spot approximately 1-2
          inches behind the ball.                           to remember have fun and not take it so seriously.                 Find A place T
          4th. Steep angle of attack. Splash the
          sand,  and finish the swing.                     If you have any questions about these products,
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